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Covers for Bagel Beds and Buddy Beds

Standard Fabric Covers - Upholstery Grade

Our Standard fabrics are available in 100% cotton or sturdy polyester. Both are upholstery grade materials and wear well. The 100% Cotton is machine washable, pre-shrunk, upholstery grade (8-14oz) material. Cottons such as Artichoke and Chocolate have a brushed finish; others like Almond and Slate have a smooth twill finish. Our Polyester fabric is also machine washable upholstery grade material and has a feel very similar to the brushed cottons.

We recommend removing the cover, zipping it closed and washing on a cold setting and line drying or putting in the dryer on cool dry.


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Premium Fabrics

We have super soft Polyesters like Coffee, Vanilla, and Ocean as well as Microfiber, a smooth, velvety synthetic material, both are slightly more formal than cotton. We use upholstery-grade fabric, which has a nylon or polyester surface on a cotton/poly backing. Both are machine washable, and retain the original soft feel and luster. A few of the microfibers are textured with a diagonal swath or a slight crackle but Pecan, Loden, Khaki, Onyx, Premium Navy, and Copper have smooth finishes.

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Premium Plus Fabrics

We have a few specialty fabrics that have a more custom look. They are still machine washable, furniture grade fabrics that keep their good looks for years to come.

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Polar Fleece

Polar fleece is a heavier-grade polyester fleece. It is machine washable and retains its snuggly appeal. Cats find it irresistible.

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Tapestry is spectacular when showcased as the top of rectangular or round buddy beds, and it is shown to best effect with a complementary color in cotton or fabrics on the bottom. All our tapestry is machine-washable fabric which we finish by overlocking the edges to prevent fraying.

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